The C3DNA Platform
Blueprint and Policy-Driven, Cloud-Independent, Dynamic Application Lifecycle Management
C3DNA brings end-to-end Application Lifecycle Management to Enterprise Private or Hybrid Clouds. Both existing applications i.e. pets and new cloud-native applications i.e. cattle can be on-boarded, deployed across clouds and then managed via policies to provide developers and application owners with an application-centric visibility and dynamic policy-based real-time management with instant cross-cloud mobility.
  • On-board Existing and Cloud-Native Apps
  • Blueprint and Policy-driven Dynamic Application Lifecycle Management
  • Instant Cross-Cloud Mobility triggered via Dynamic Policies
  • Ensures Application HA, Resilience, DR and Security independent of infrastructure
  • GUI and CLI-driven interfaces with role-based access controls
Key Platform Features
Blueprint-based Application Lifecycle Management & Automation
Enables developers to use simple JSON or YAML-based blueprints to define applications, compose workflows and specify intent. Application deployment and management can be automated using dynamic policies.
Post-Deployment, Run-Time Control via Dynamic Policies
Using the C3DNA Platform, applications that have already been deployed, can be modified, updated and then enforced dynamically in real-time after deployment via policies.
Multi-Cloud Support with Instant Cross-Cloud Mobility
C3DNA uses its patented Meta-Container and Application Area Network technologies to enable instant application workflow mobility without the need for infrastructure management or orchestration.
Transaction-Level Application Visibility
C3DNA monitors the entire application workflow and collects, correlates application-specific information at the transaction level from every component of the workflow to provide users complete application-centric visibility.
Application Resilience Independent of Infrastructure
C3DNA monitors the entire application workflow and reacts to application-specific events by state-fully relocating just the relevant pieces of the workflow without depending on infrastructure-specific management or APIs.
Role-based Graphical (GUI) and Command Line (CLI) Interfaces
C3DNA provides developers with a command line driven interface and operators and managers with a GUI-based interface along with the ability to enforce role-based access controls based on applications or infrastructure.