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C3DNA’s OpenStack proof of concept targets scaling, resiliency
Analyst: William Fellows 26 May, 2015
Moving toward a GA release of its service management software and seeking an $8m series A round on the back of it, C3DNA is honing two use cases and stoking partner outreach.

The first use case is SLA orchestration of Web service stacks – for example, moving an SQLServer onto or between different execution venues, including public and private cloud and bare metal. The second is bringing carrier-grade (FCAPS) capability to Openstack. It is encapsulating OpenStack components into its meta-container technology and using its GUI to install, configure, monitor and control Keystone, Glance and MySQL with self-repair, auto-scaling and live migration based on policies or on-demand. It is also working with Cisco Cloud Services on a proof of concept using C³DNA as a distributed control plane for InterCloud , publis hing service blueprints into meta-containers. C3DNA believes its approach – which takes a Turing machine ‘oracle’ as the design point – eliminates the need for infrastructure orchestration, and that firms that move VMs will be redundant in its model. It has demonstrated migration of TripCase’s Web product from bare metal to its platform running on VMs in TripCase’s datacenter and AWS in a Sabre Holdings deployment. For Qualcomm, it demonstrated MySQL horizontal scaling and live migration without losing transactions.
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