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Our worldview and the problems we solve
The consumerization of applications is creating a more connected and collaborative world. Organizations have to adapt and build highly distributed scalable applications without compromising quality of service while managing costs.  CIOs and line of business owners need to be back in control and empowered with freedom from vendor lock in and cloud provider APIs.

C3DNA’s Hyper-Cloud Application Platform enables proactive management of highly scalable, distributed application quality of service (QoS).  It provides the line of business owners the freedom of choice by avoiding vendor lock-in and allows their applications to leverage commodity infrastructure with end to end security, availability, performance, and run-time control based on policies to meet unpredictable workloads, changing business priorities, and latency constraints.

The C3DNA Hyper-Cloud Application Platform  overlays on existing infrastructure and does not require any changes to the development environment, language, or infrastructure.  Developers develop in a language of their choice and can compose highly scalable distributed applications without having to compromise on infrastructure and run-time quality of service.

By decoupling service management from the distributed infrastructure resource management systems, our platform eliminates the point solutions and managers of managers that contribute to cost and complexity.  IT can now deploy highly scalable applications across heterogeneous clouds without modifying application architectures and dependencies on cloud provider APIs.