Improve efficiency, scalability and resiliency with Application Policy-Driven Management
Enable IT to deliver applications anywhere dictated by the business via application driven Policies
C3DNA enables Developers and Application owners to on-board, deploy, monitor and manage application lifecycle operations through policy-driven automation on OpenStack without depending on IT Operations.
IT Operators
Operationalize Enterprise OpenStack and lower your OpEx by providing developers and applications owners to self-service and self-manage their applications while retaining visibility and control.
Line of Business Owners
Get complete end-to-end visibility and ensure Application SLAs. Be able to modify and implement application operation policies at runtime to satisfy new SLA requirements.
C3DNA Technology Overview

The power of the C3DNA NoOps Platform lies in the ability to dynamically manage the application independent of the underlying infrastructure in response to changing application needs as specified by policies.

The C3DNA NoOps platform takes an application service blueprint - that is defined by the developer, as its primary input to establish a logical network between the various application components. This is known as Application Area Network (AAN).

Each individual node in the AAN is essentially an application component that is continuously monitored in addition to the overall network. Real-time signals form this network are constantly compared with desired application policy settings. If an application component or the whole service is determined to be behaving in a manner inconsistent with the desired policy then the AAN is dynamically reconstituted to correct the situation.

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C3DNA's Technology
On-board, Manage and Deliver Applications on your Terms
Put application management and delivery in the hands of the application owners and
still provide IT operations and Line of Businesses the visibility and control they desire.
On-board New & Existing Apps
C3DNA uniquely enables the on-boarding of many legacy applications on OpenStack without the need for VM image conversion. Both new and legacy applications can be managed via dynamic policies.
End-to-End, App-Centric Visibility
C3DNA provides application developers and owners with an end-to-end app-centric view of resource usage and performance metrics in real-time.
Manage & Automate Application Delivery
C3DNA enables policy-driven, dynamic management of applications at runtime i.e. after deployment, by the application developers, operators or business owners.